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Sharp Shooter HQ in American Fork, Utah, encourages hunting enthusiasts to use our high-quality shooting supplies and archery equipment. If you love to hunt or shoot with a rifle or bow, then you have come to the right place.

Sharp Shooter HQ is an established archery equipment and gun rest supplier based in American Fork, Utah. We have been manufacturing rifle rests, shooting benches, Arrow vanes, broadheads, and miscellaneous products since 1980.  Our dedicated staff takes pride in providing customer satisfaction, top-class hunting and shooting accessories, at reasonable prices. Our manufacturing plant is located in the USA.  Our shooting equipment can help you be sucessful in your hunting and precision shooting. 

Company Beginnings

In 1981, twin brothers Kent and Brent Roberts started a company called Inventive Technology at the base of Mt. Timpanogas in Utah. They manufactured modern and innovative gun rests, shooting benches and archery products. In 2011, Brent passed away and Inventive Technology was closed thereafter.

Establishment of Sharp Shooter HQ

After Inventive Technology was closed, Kent and his son Brad Roberts became the owners and operators of Sharp Shooter HQ. Just like their previous company, Sharp Shooter HQ also specializes in gun rests, shooting benches, and archery equipment.

Sharp Shooters HQ has created many innovative products to help improve hunters and competitive marksman's accuracy and owns many US patents on their products which are built with quality workmanship in the USA.

Our friendly Sharp Shooter HQ consultants will be happy to help you answer your questions at or call (801) 380-7147